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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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this thing i can show you. the dow 30 industrials and one red one. it's united healthcare group down a little bit. everything else on the big board, from home depot on down, up a percent or two. it's been a big day. hope yours is a good one. >> it's spring. but where the heck is the break? welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. i told you i'd find a way to use that. spring officially kicking in but winter is still kicking. up to 36 million people today covered by winter weather advisories. in pennsylvania they're bracing for up to ten inches of snow. try eight inches in maryland and across the northeast, this very hour it is making for one nasty commute. and we are all over it with rick squared. rick leventhal in the thick of it and rick reithmuth how long we have the to deal with it. we begin with live van thrall in
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manhattan. >> i'm not a weatherman but i'm sure this is not what spring is supposed to look like or feel like. it's making beautiful pictures in central park the snow is cover the trees and the bushes but it's also starting to affect the roads. i'll show you here, it's not bad, not really collecting on the streets streets of new york city but the storm is affecting several states, making a mess of the rush hour community. dumping an inch an hour in new jersey where a thousand trucks are plowing and salting roads in philadelphia, they're seeing a mix of snow and sleet and freezing wayne, and there was snow the baltimore area transitioning to rain. but tonight things could get icy. three to five inches of snowfall expected in some areas of the northeast, and withs weathers a vies in connecticut, delware-maryland, new jersey and new york and limited visibility and hazardous slippery road conditions. no as advise riz for massachusetts but boston could
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see another inch or two from the storm adding to the 108.6 inches of snow that have blanketed beantown this winter. just over nine feet of snow and they could get a couple more inches. four feet total near new york and they're adding to that right now, neil as the snow continues to fall. >> amazing. you have been outside all day. all day. amazing. rick, thank you very much. now to a guy who has been inside all day and yet he is the cause of all of this. meteorologist rick reithmuth. what is going on? >> can you blame me staying inside? >> i cannot. >> somebody has too be in front of this maps and might as well be me. this winter where we have had this incredible cold all across the eastern seaboard and this incredible warmth across the west is still continuing there are no signs of this changing. 67 in rapid city. 70s across the plains but the cold across the eastern seaboard
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continues, the mid-atlantic towards the northeast. 32 in new york city. scranton, 28 in albany the 32-degree point is important. that allows things to start to freeze on contact a little bit more than they might have. i think we thought dish thought the temps might not get to that freezing mark today. this means we might see abilities more freezing go news for the evening commute. i got to tell you we're right on track. march 20th is the average for last measurable snow. beaut we're right on the average of the end here, even though we are spring and thinking, gosh, it would be great to be dub with is. we're almost done with this storm. another four or five hours of this snow here and that means we're going to see areas maybe another culp -- couple of inches. 7:00, 8:00 start to see this move outside. overnight it's gone. temps cool, and even in the morning be careful on the roads. might have another couple more inches. but then tomorrow we see the
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temperatures warm up. today 50, in new york, and when you get snow this time of year the sun angle is nye enough that -- is high enough it midwests quickly. so won't stick around that long. that's the good news for us. but today more snore. >> oh, yeah, sure. tomorrow it's going to be incredible. rick, thank you very much. my friend. today's snow add tolling what has been a record-breaking winter in a lot of parts of the country. 108 inches of snow and counting in boston, 131-inches in bangor maine. second snowiest season on record. more than 72-inches of snow falling in providence, rhode island. climate change activist say this is due to rising ocean temperatures but meteorologist joe bastardy says that's one big snow job. why? >> because this is a natural cyclical process. talk to people in noah, they have seen this before, i've seen its above. in the late 1950s,ow had very
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similar situation. there were six major areas in thelettic and pacific where there were strong dations from normal, just like now, and lo and be hold, look at the winter of '57-'58. very similar, you know, neil, we have been seeing that winter would be particularly severe from last summer and i'm even concerned about next winter because i don't think we're quite out of this yes this whole kind of pattern. if you look back at the way the weather went in the last cyclical event you'll see we're pretty much according to script. >> when they argue the warmer water and i guess that runs into the arctic thingamajig that is cold, they say that is all global warming, climate change. what is creating this? >> well, what's creating it is the natural cyclical processes we have seen for years and years and we're able to study it. a guy who was a brilliant
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meteorologist examined the winters in the late 1950s and the late 1970s and because guys like me will actually read what people said before we recognized that this is very similar to that situation. and so you have to ask yourself, does the increase of one molecule of carbon dioxide out of a thousand molecules of air, over 100 year period -- actually 10000 molecules of air -- is that going to lead to suddenly becoming the climate change knob and everything it else? oft of course not. the fact of the matter is we have seen similar situations before. the weather goes back and forth because the weather is nature's way of balancing out an imbalance it can never correct because of the design of the systems. and folks who think that humans are in control of nature, you do the math and add it up and if you go back and look and study what happened before you come up with your answer. >> i go to you for those answer because you're that good. thank you, joe. i appreciate it. >> i appreciate it.
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i. >> all right what the frack? the white house piling on more rules when it comes to fracking on public lands that's extracting spoil stuff we need the country. critics say it will drive up energy costs. jay says enough is enough. why do we need the rules. >> we have the environmentalist impacts of fracking and the public health impact and then the business aspect of the debate. so, if fracks has over the past several years been this new boom. they call it the shale boom. the shale bubble. all these oil companies want to get off the traditional oil and good to green energy. the problem is that fracking has proven to infect water supplies. they use 650 chemicals -- >> how do you know it's proven? >> because the majority of scientist -- what scientist. >> -- paid for by the fracking injury. >> an egee grouse problem would have been -- would have stepped story stopped yesterday. >> you say companies -- >> are you saying we need these
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new rules and regulations? >> i think we do because it's public safety. the chemicals actually illegal until the bush administration made them legal -- >> bush i knew it. the gift that keeps giving. >> cheny invests in oil company. >> theny through you go. jay. >> well, we fracked our first well in 1947. i was involved in a hey drollic fracturing process in an oil well in tex in 1961. we fractured a million wells between the beginning and when the shale gas boom began, and we really haven't proven that there's been a single water supply well contaminated. we have fracked 200,000 wells in the shale gas era again, we haven't had a problem. >> regulations, do you know, meant to more closely monitor water ask the spraying
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techniques in between rocks to gets this stuff out, whatever is involved, that it's just -- they say, formalizing the standards that the industry should be using. you say what? >> neil, i don't disagree with that. every state has their own rules. they control the drilling of oil wells to keep surface come tan nantzs -- >> all of this is so big i can see that -- all of this is justified, all these new rules. >> i think they're probably overbearing but we have gone past the antifracking position now. we're into -- >> when you get a -- >> shell, for instance the oil company shell, has just come out and publicly said that they regret putting so much money into fracture fracking because it cost more money for them to frack. >> they were lousy at it. others were bettering at and it they were behind the eight ball with fracturing. if i'm late getting to the party i'm going regret the fact i'm screwing up.
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>> the procedure is a procedure. >> they relate to the procedure. >> costs more in energy to produce fracturing, and produce -- >> you're paying less for gas. >> contribute to solar and wind -- >> what do you think of that? >> her numbers are 100% incorrect. we're the richest nation in the world in energy because of shell gas. there's nothing wrong with having standardized regulations to make sure that the public has confidence and they're cot worried what we are doing to bring them inexpensive energy the most in the world. >> both of you -- the argument for the new regs it has formalized what everyone should know, but, man, a lot of pages to read. >> did you read them yet? >> i diid. i read them didn't understand them. >> there's no problem in the long run. we'll be fine with an extra set of regulations. they won't put us out of business, and maybe new york will now drop their ban on hydraulic fracking --
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>> no fracking way on that one. i want to thank you both very much. meanwhile, take a look at today. stocks ending the week with another big -- dow 169-points in a week where the federal reserve said it's going slow on hiking interest rates. lots up, lots of downs, companies reporting -- nike, stellar numbers but a warning, a little warning in that report that the dollar stays strong we might not get as much bang for our strunger buck -- stronger buck. the nasdaq, 22 points away from that report high so on the balance not too bad. maybe this who is the president couldn't talk to bibi sooner. he was too busy talking to the guys bibi hates. ♪ edward jones. with nearly 7 million investors oh hey, neill, how are you? you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great.
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our negotiations have made progress but gaps remain, and there are people in both countries and beyond who oppose a diplomatic resolution. my message to you, anymore of iran, is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek. >> the president's talking to the people of iran while talking down to some of the critics here and there especially in america. how do you feel about that? wally follows this closely. what message did he send to you? >> six years, that video should have been addressed to the iranian people when they demonstrate inside the streets of tehran in june of 2009. if the president wants to speak with the iranian people the thing they want to hear about is how fast can we change the behavior of the regime. if not the regime. that video is really directed at the ayatollahs for a strategic communications purpose not for the people of iran. so i think there's something wrong in the perception. here in washington of hour iranians are perceiving their own regime. >> do you think -- i think his
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intent was to reach out to people and say look, hope springs eternal with this, work with me on at least in iran, you young people who want change to not let those who are resisting it get in the way of this. or do you think that this was a veiled shot at critics back here? >> there is a very poor analysis of what is happening in iran. iran, the extremists who actually are against the deal, are those with whom we are negotiating. it sounds crazy but basically the people on the ground, they don't just want an -- they want peace with iran and want to open all the relationships and those who are blocking the relationships are the eye to las with whom we are negotiating. when the president talks about those who are blocking the deal on both sites, who is blocking the deal? majority in congress here and majority of the anymore iran. they want something else. i want actually the nukes of iran won't be actually a reality. if you want to understand what iranian think.
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>> do you think we'll get a deal? might be a flawed deal or a deal that is neville chamberlain-light so hear his pit cricks but the wind at the president's back. even people like mitt romney said it will be something to help hillary clinton. he doesn't support such a thing, doesn't think it's justified but that in the eyes of the main stream media it will be a big deal. >> we are talking about deals here a one-way street discussion, and in the general debate here in iran it's a different story. what they are trying to get is a much time as they can to build whatever they believe is a tragedyic weaponry system so they can have another deal. this is only a decoy deal for the iranian leadership, and the proof is that we have removed hezbollah and iran from the threat list. we have said we'll talk with assad. we have been sending so many signals to the regime. seemings the regime controls the deal, not the administration.
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>> so then, if we get a deal is it your sense that our congress has to pass it or just automatic, the president saying, i don't need this to go before congress. >> he can say that. he has all the executive power to pass an executive deal, now the iranians will tell the president your little executive sanctions are being removed. how about laws? most of the -- most powerful sanctions are by law and this is what the iranian leadership is asking the president to do. we want to be completely free. we don't want a congress that puts more sanctions on us. so the real negotiation should be between the white house and congress at this point in time. >> it comes at a time where the president got this message out to the rainan -- iranian people and a late per funk tori call to benjamin netanyahu, dismissive talked of retaliation in the unites nations with netanyahu, not with iran. the same week we learn that iran
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and hezbollah are off the terror watch list. what do you make of that? >> look, people think at first sight that the real crisis is between the administration here and israel. no. the real crisis is with the other silent partners of the united states. i'm talking about egypt saudi arabia uae kuwait jordan bahrain and others. they are very frustrated about the fact that they have not been consulted. iran is threatening the entire region and we are admitting that, and we do not consult about a deal with iran, with our arab partners. let's put israel on the side. that's where the problem is. >> thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> thank you. >> i mentioned our conversation here that mitt romney thinks that a deal will be pulled but won't be a deal he will like. he will be a special guest on next tuesday talking about how this plays out in the media and how a dealing are, even a flawed
1:20 pm
one, will help the administration, could help hillary clinton and how republicans have to respond to that. what he makes of that what he makes of the republican presidential field, the rumored bunch that there is, and whether he really, really, really, really mentality it that he is done with presidential politics. mitt romney here on tuesday. and in the meantime, you know those express lines at airport security? apparently terrorist can use them, too. photos are great for capturing your world. and now they can transform it. with the new angie's list app, you can get projects done in a snap. take a photo of your project or just tell us what you need done and angie's list will find a top rated provider to do the job. start your project for free today.
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from tourists to terrorist, the tsa security express lanes are now under fire after a big
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security lapse. trace gallagher is their explain. what happened? >> reporter: bad enough when you try to speed up the bad guys getting on the plane but the most damning part of the report is that tsa caught their mistake and then failed to correct it. a classified report from the inspector general says that last summer an unnamed passenger at an unnamed u.s. airport was allowed to go through tsas precheck, where yao get to the short line and don't have to take off your shoes or take out your liquids. this passenger was a convict murderer and a member of a domestic terror group who committed crimes using explosives. he was given precheck status even though he never signed up for precheck. terrorists don't often get those applications approved. while this passenger was cruising through the fast lane a tsa agent recognized the felon and alerted a supervisors but the supervisor said to allow the passenger through. dhs was tipped off about the case bay whistleblower, and after a full investigation, called it a significant aviation
1:25 pm
security breach and, quoting, incidents like this highlight the need for tsa to modify its precheck procedures. tsa responded by saying that it would review the guidelines it provides to tsa officers and supervisors so in the future they don't fast-track terrorist on to airplanes. >> amazing. trace great line of you terrorist™hx do not geese -- get these applications approved. what can we do if this stuff happens and keeps happening? former nypd investigator says it's time to privatize the tsa. >> i was an advocate to bringing our military guys coming back the most astute the most courteous, the best we have and they're looking for jobs and can take these jobs. then the rules have to come into play. this thing came about in december. when i was on your show in the summer, july 29 2014 i spoke to ross feinstein the tsa press
1:26 pm
secretary. i went the the whole global entry -- >> we one of this? >> i went through the global entry with a fingerprint you, interview you and all that. i spent the money to do it. you then are pre-checked all the time. you go there and they put it on your ticket you get a number. now all of a sudden they have this precheck where some people get it on their boarding pass, so i call up this guy and said, mr. ross finestein, mr. tsa, what is this random act here? he goes, well -- if said who picks the people to be pre-checked. he goes i don't know. i said, wait a second. i if you don't know who knows? he goes that's just the way it is. i said that's not the answer. i'm a texas news contributor and i want to know -- the guy wouldn't hang up on me but to this day, there's no answer and this is perfect example. >> how do we know this guy had the clearance or just stomped on the line. >> no. what happened is the randomly
1:27 pm
put precheck on certain boarding passes. >> i knew that. point. what good does this do when we do this. >> should be eliminated. >> not a guy like that's fault even though they'd weird to happen. the fact there's some exclusivity to this line. >> should biotitessed if you want to go on precheck you have to put your application in, you get your precheck -- >> and only those people. >> and only those allowed. then again here we go no one is answering the question here and no one is correcting it. how many went through? we got this one guy but how many others are going through that we don't know about? >> or have the clearance they can go through. >> this is another political mess. the same as the white house when they had the congressional hearings, you had the head of the secret service say we detroy our videotapes in 72 hours. the freaking 7-elevens keep them 30 days. how can you destroyed video type for the white house in 72 hours. i should become the head of the secret service. they need help down there in
1:28 pm
washington. this is ludicrous -- >> we called you at the last minute to come on, which i always love because you're a great guest. we caught you -- this is your dress-down garb, when you're -- >> i'll be very honest. i should be on the east end of longoç island but when cavuto calls i come. >> you didn't want to grab a regular suit jacket. >> this is the way -- i apologized -- >> it's delicious. >> five hours of driving, cavuto, you're worth it, and my friend joe sends his love to you. >> a great guy. you look great. snow and every five hours the back seat of a limo, you did and it i appreciate that. >> thank you, sir. >> now i know why i'm -- >> life being a fox news contributor for 15 years, and there's only one truth news fox news. >> there you go. which is why they won't talk to you at the tsa. thank you very much. calls them as he sees them and is a splendid dresser.
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bring us your baffling. bring us your audacious. we want your sticky notes, sketchbooks, and scribbles. let's pin 'em to the wall. kick 'em around. kick 'em around, see what happens. because we're in the how-do-i-get-this-startup- off-the-ground business. the taking-your-business- global-business. we're in the problem-solving business. 400,000 people - ready to help you solve problems while they're still called opportunities. from figuring it out to getting it done we're here to help. the gitmo detainee who was bin bin laden's body gord about to have know body gord, and we are back in 60 seconds.
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a gitmo detainee with ties to osama bin laden could be back
1:33 pm
out on the streets. katherine herridge has the details. >> leading an losts say the obama administrationer is willing to accept more risks a detainee may return to terrorism in an effort to clear the camp and close the detention facility by the end of the president's second term. he as was once classified as a so-called professor prisoner because of his alleged ties to osama bin laden but there was not enough evidence to prosecute him. even the obama administration initially reached the same conclusion. but after a new review the 34-year-old gemmeny, who has been in the camps since 2008, is now classified as a low level fighter who looked a leadership position within al qaeda. after the last defense secretary said he felt pressure to sign off on risky transfers senior republic republic in the senate pushed his successor for assurances he would put national security and not politics first. >> you will not succumb to any pressure by this administration
1:34 pm
to increase the pace of transfers from guantanamo. will you commit? >> absolutely. >> 122 detainees are less left and the conventional wisdom is the president will move even more aggressively to shift the remain degree takenees to u.s.a. facility if he can get the number below 100. >> we're gifting there. thank you. >> we are. >> just days after taking credit for the tunisia's museum bombing, more bombi7&x left 130 people dade and it's not clear isis is exactly on the run here. that would probably be an understatement. obviously they can willy-nilly go from capitol to capitol, region to region and wreak god knows what havoc. what is going on here? >> thank you for having me. this is part of this proxy war between iran and saudi arabia
1:35 pm
for regional dominance. now yemen is slipping back into a civil war. this time shia versus soon. my but yemen has had six civil wars since then 1960ss they've been at each others throats whether it's communist and capitolist, mop nark can i versus a republic the south versus the north. so this is a civil war. >> what do we do in the mid middle of that isis claiming responsibility for part of that? what? >> i think we should try wife the saudis and other gulf states so see if we can have a power sharing agreement in yemen for the houthis that took over the government and for the sunnis trying to take it back. it was very flawed from the get-go when president obama side with the arab spring in 2011 because the arab spring knocked out the president who has been u.s.a. ally. i think president obama has to get his priority straight and stop putting his -- used use -- >> went be the first president that sided with the wrong team.
1:36 pm
what i ask the when i comes to who our friends are versus our enemies, allegiances change by the week, and we keep committing funds to groups that turn on them. >> it's a very delicate balance of pour in yemen, that's why siding with one group was a bad good, and about guantanamo, catherine had a great report about the guys they're looking to release now. >> let's say they all come out. i think it's just a matter of time. the president just said his biggest regret he didn't empty the place on day one, but he fail piston point had a democratic senate and house cuckoo have done that. leaving that aside. i'm wondering now, just matter of time before he empties the whole place out. 100 plus guys are gone. then what? >> i totally agree with you. it's very dangerous and they're going to go back and kill americans just like benghazi.
1:37 pm
an ex-gitmo detainee a ringleader for the benghazi attack. i have a column talking about as the islamic state grows in time, probe reb's top regret he didn't close gitmo on day one. i hope people can look at it. >> i look forward to reading that good sealing -- seeing you. do any of you remember this? >> my lips. no new taxes. >> like father, like son? echnology can help you choose the right portfolio. monitor it. and automatically rebalance it. all without charging advisory fees, account service fees or commissions. that may be hard to compute. but i'm a computer. so trust me. it computes. say hello at
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test. test.
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a presidential run hitting a snag before it gets going at all? because of jeb bush isn't ruling out hiking tacks as part of the deal to balance the budget, g.o.p. pollster chris wilson says that could rule him out for a lot of republicans who demand he honor that. what do you think? he is just saying that he can't
1:41 pm
make an unequivocal statement like that now. you're saying that hurts him with whom? >> with pretty much all republican primary voters. you played his dad's clip. you might wonder if jeb bush is saying read my lipsus new taxes. if we wants to take positions in line with republican party or contrary and the challenge when you take it from korn common core to immigration and taxes he takes positions contrary to most republican primary voters. we already have a tie tax party, called the democratic party and they do a good job trying to push taxes every step and promising not to raise taxes. the last candidate who -- the last nominee who promised to raise taxes was walter mondale and he lost 49 states -- >> he didn't say he would raid him and his record as florida governor cut can taxes and regulations, something near and dear to the business community. governors are required in most states to balance the budget,
1:42 pm
but he does have a record that would seem to support a lot of things that conservatives support. >> hes to. and from that standpoint i suggest he would be better off running on his record than taking stands that are contrary to that record. and when you come out and say i will not take a stand or not promise to not raise taxes, then that causes republican primary voters to hear he wants to raise taxes. it's a very system stand to take. why most republicans who run for higher office agree to sign the american tax reform pledge to not raise tangs. one the republicans hold near and dear to their hurt and one that is difficult to win a primary. if you take a stand where you refuse to say you won't raise taxes, and that's what bush is doing here and it's just the wro approach no matter hough you look at it and no matter what his record in the past may have been. >> an interesting point, others expressed that. you think it hurts him more in iowa than it does in a more, i don't want to call it's purple state but a state like new
1:43 pm
hampshire, for example? >> the funny thing is it taxes really is one of the strongest issues in new hampshire but i would say yes, even sew in iowa. iowa is more of a social issue voting state witness rick santorum winning. but caring about tacks it's one that hits all four parts of the republican party. established republicans are against it, eval general kills again it, tea party voters against its and libertarians against it. to take a stand i will not promise not to raise taxes is therefrom imply that barack obama has not raised taxes enough. we'll consider taking taxes higher and most if not all runs and most americans believe we're tasked too much. americans still believe, like ronald reagan said, government is too big and spends too much. >> chris wilson thank you. >> thank you. >> well, is marty -- to hear mark tell it, former maryland governor martin o'malley is looking like another former governor that won the white
1:44 pm
house that would be jimmy carter. mark, explain. >> well, in my former life i worked for presidential candidates democrats, and mo udall in 1976 was a classy guy and should have been president inch iowa and new hampshire the field in '76 was distinguished field. they had birch bayh jerry brown, the youngest governor of california, and carter beasts all of them because he spent two years in iowa and new hampshire, and his only job was running for president. he was a unknown, former governor from a not a big state but it didn't mean anything in terms of retail politics, he lined up the people -- >> no, no, the difference was that was before iowa got to be a big deal. he was the first to see look early on, if i can surprise people in these caucuses, i might be able to carry that to what was getting most of the
1:45 pm
attention at the time, new hampshire. now i'm just wonder if the bloom is off the iowa rose and now we're so cog any sent of it that it would take a lot for someone like an o'malley or anyone. >> i don't think so. i don't think iowa and new hampshire should bee, but that's the fact of life. if you win in those two places it really does give you momentum and elevates you -- >> do even better than expected. >> that's always a low ball and do better than expected, and o'malley is the freshest face of the group. i'm not trying to be his campaign manager. i'm just saying compared to joe biden and bernie sanderses. >> i read a prompter so that makes me an expert. i think someone like a.l. gore could enter the race. it's very possible you'll see john kerry enter the race because they don't want to cede this possible open space if hillary tumbles to someone like
1:46 pm
an o'malley or bernie sanders. >> i disagree. we haven't had a more than one ballot convention since 1952. eisenhower and tee stephenson. -- >> be tempted to join if they -- >> be tempted to join if -- let me finish -- in a brokered convention yes, i seek your theory working. >> not talking about the convention. >> by the time the votes are cast and by the time iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and nevada happen, it would will be too late. that's a fact oflight. >> all right mr. smarty pants. you're notes going read my prompter. thank you very much. >> iran, saudi arabia, syria, israel, take a guess which one the u.n. says is the biggest violator of women's rights.
1:47 pm
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purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. >> singling out israel as the biggest violator of women's rights. women's rights where adultery by women is punishable by death by stoning usually. not syria where rape and torture of women is pretty much routine, not saudi arabia where women can't get a driver's license. this i cannot understand. >> i can't believe it. it is totally absurd. i can name at least a dozen countries in the middle east that are worst violators of human rights against women.
1:51 pm
so for the u.n. to single out israel to me says they are very antisemitic and basically corrupt. if you look at the way women are treated under shrks aria law. >> what are they basing it on? >> they are saying that palestinian women don't have as many rights as some others, but come on. you cannot compare torture stoning to death murder, execution that is going on unfairly throughout the middle east or even in china. in china women are forced to aboergza abortions. i think it is clear the u.n. is antiisrael and we see that happening more and more. it is not just within this latest women's group but
1:52 pm
problems within the human rights council, as well. they always pick on israel to work versus every other country. >> do we know the committee or group judging this? >> well you know part of the problem is this women's council group citing israel but not the countries that are stoning women to death if you look who is the member of this group it is qatar, iran. it's the worst violators and they hate israel so of course they are biassed. i think what members of congress need to do is shut this council down and say clearly you are not being fair, you are not being objective. >> they are going to go the other way. we have indicated to israel that we might [ inaudible ] that we are going to be very different when it comes to israel's treatment at the u.n. >> you know, israel is our number one ally and we should be aligned with them, not working
1:53 pm
against them. so that's what is troubling to me about president obama. he says one thing and he does another. he said he wouldn't attend netanyahu's speech before congress because it was too close to the israeli election and didn't want to get involved in that and then it came out that he was meddling in the election by funneling american tax dollars to oust bb. >> some are disputing that. your point is well taken that israel is getting a different treatment these days. thank you very much. good seeing you. so now the president is going after fracking. when is he going to admit low gas prices he is bragging about is because of fracking. separating what he is saying from actions that frankly leave me quite stumped.
1:54 pm
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do as i say, not as i do unless it is coming out of the white house these days then good
1:57 pm
luck figuring it out. take voting. it ought to be the law that everyone vote but apparently not so sacred you should have to show an i.d. when you do vote or fracking is plain old risky even though it is why gas prices are so low and the president took credit just like he is happy to rip republicans for a budget that supposedly hurts the middle class but not a word about the debt in his budget that all but chokes the middle class or arguing on behalf of illegals who have no rights because they shouldn't be here but punishing the sheriffs who are trying to round them up as if they are the criminals here or bending the entire health care system to make sure we can cover all americans and admitting when all is said and done there will still be 30 million americaning without. celebrating the money that newly
1:58 pm
insured are saving saying not a word about subsidies and doctors that can see the deductibles, celebrating jobs coming back and saying nothing about wages that are not coming back. calling the other side southern, resisting more spending yet not yourself when we say we are spent. taking a bow for markets that are soaring but never letting a day go by without -- saying its stimulus saved the day failing to point out it was the federal reserve stimulus. creating an economic recovery that dwarves all of europe but pushing overtime pay laws that crippled europe. sending videos to countries while delaying this guy because he would just prefer not getting the chance. so much hypocrisy.
1:59 pm
it is a wonder the president can keep up anytime because you lose folks when you say one thing and do another you really lose them when you say and do things and soon folks can't tell one from the other or what's the truth and what's just a lie. this week i'm frankly confused. we're going to get into these and other issues because republicans have been inconsistent on this. mitt romney next tuesday first cable news interview since announcing he is not running for president here and only here. what he makes of iran and the republican field and what he makes on what it will take to get the economy going and what he makes of the possibility of a broken convention for republicans and whether he would be in it. in the meantime you have a whole world excited about what we are doing at fox business and these lining up outside. we are going to go into whether
2:00 pm
this economic freeze continues for quite a while. i will be talking to those penguins because that is what i do. have a great weekend. >> hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." is president obama naive to think we can negotiate with the mullahs in iran? he just sent a message. >> i want to take this opportunity to speak directly to the people and leaders of iran. our negotiations have made progress but gaps remain. there are people who oppose a diplomatic resolution. my message to you, the people of iran is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek. now it is up to us


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